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Stablitiy, knowledge and Progression

Health and Safety STATEMENT – Pushforward

Pushforward is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all its employees,

contractors, visitors, members of the public and the protection of assets.

Pushforward recognises the duties and responsibilities imposed upon it, under the Health and

Safety at Work Act 1974 and subsequent regulations, to ensure, so far as is reasonably

practicable, the health and safety of:

1) All persons employed by Pushforward while they are at work

2) Persons other than Pushforward employees who may be exposed to risks arising out of, or

in connection with, the activities whilst they are at work.

To effectively achieve this, Pushforward will provide, so far as is reasonably practicable:

a) A safe premises and systems of work

b) Safe methods of using, handling, storing and transporting of articles and substances

c) Information, instruction training and supervision

d) To consult with our employees on matters affecting Health and Safety

e) To provide adequate control of Health and Safety

f) A safe working environment

g) Safe access to, and egress from, a place of work and procedures for evacuation in an


The effective management of Health and Safety requires close co-operation and

understanding between management, employees and representatives, including the

enforcement and regulatory authorities. This policy seeks to take account of the needs of

employees and of the organisations and individuals who have legitimate interest in the way

we undertake our activities.

Pushforward will take all necessary steps, including compliance with external audits, to

ensure that the policy is understood and is being implemented and maintained at all levels

and will make available appropriate resources for its implementation.

This statement is supported by more information in the Health and Safety Policy which is

available for inspection at request from the Education Director Leon Edwards.